Mr.Sayajirao J.Patil elected as Teacher's Representative for year 2015-2020. Felicitation by Hon.Mr.Vinodkumar Lohia and all Teachers of NES Mr.Maruti G. Kamble elected as Teacher's Representative Out side of Kolhapur region felicitated by Hon.Mr.Vinodkumar Lohia(President - Govrn.Coucil) Mr.Sayajirao Patil (Teacher's Representative) with Hon.Mr.Vinodkumar Lohia(Chairman-Gov.Concil) Mr.Maruti G. Kamble elected as Teacher's Representative felicitated by Mrs.Chitra Kashalkar (Secretary- Gorn.Coucil) Bhalkar's Aacdemy's Annual Social - 2015 celebrated with awards by Mr.Vinod Lohia (President Governing Council - NES) R.N.Samani celebrated Science Exhibition... at Vimala Goenka  English Medium School. Princes Padmaraje Girls Highschool School Committee Meeting 2015. Mr.Sangram Patil(Marvelous Engineers) Chief Guest at 1st Feb.2015 NES 94th Anniversary. Hon.Mr.Vinodkumar Lohia(President - NES Govrn.Council) at 94th Anniversary- 1st Feb. 2015 Surmayee Sham - Mehfil-a-Gazal - by Pralhad Jadhav(Kolhapur). 1st Feb. 2015 New Education Society's 94th Anniversary celebrated -  chief guest Mr.Sangram Patil(Marvelous Engineers) Mr.Prabhakar Hervade(Jt.Secretary) feliciated to Mr.Chitra A.Kashalkar(Secretary) Mr.Padmakar Sapre(Vice President) at NES 1st Feb.2015 Prin.Padmaraje Girls Highschool prize distribution ceremony chief guest Mr.Arun Patil,Mr.Sadanad Kadam felicitated by NES  Sou.S.M.Lohia Highschool Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony, Cheif Guest Mr.Ashok Rokade(White Army President) Annual Prize Distribution 2014-15 PPGH Chief Guest Dr.Vrushali Shinde, Mr.Pavan Khebudakar Mrs.Chitra Kashalkar (Secretory) NEW EDUCATION SOCIETY R.N.Samani Vidyalaya presents 'Dulhan Chali' song. Vimala Goenka English Medium School - Prize Distribution 2014-15 PPG students presents 'Rope Mallakhamb' practicals. New High school Marathi Shakha students presents 'God Shankar' dance New High school students presents 'Malla khamb'  practicals PPG Hockey Team felicitated by Chief guest Mr.Sangram Patil PPG students present beautiful Indian festival show S.M.Lohia High school presents musical exercises. Madanmohan Lohia Manch- Lohia Manch - Mr.Satish Kulkarni, Mr.Nitin Wadikar, Chitra Kashalkar, Mrs.Dharmadhikari, Mr.Sapre, Mr.Kulkarni, Mr.Vinodkumar Lohia, Mr.B.Malu, Mr.Deepak Lohia. Vimala Goenka English Medium School - Gathering 2014 Mr.Nitin Wadikar opening of Shruti Kulkarni - National Gold Medal awarded (skating)2013 - Vimala Goenka English Medium School

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Welcome to The New Education Society, Kolhapur

The New Education Society is ranked high amongst the most reputed educational institutions in Maharashtra. Founded in 1921, by the founder members ,Shri. G.B. Wadikar, Shri. S.S. Shrikhande, Shri. V. H. Sathe, Shri. N. B. Kulkarni, Shri. M. D. Joshi, Shri. N.B. Khebudkar. It has made unique contribution in the field of Education.

Since 1921, ‘The New Education Society’ has established 22 institutions imparting training, ranging from KG, Primary, High School, & Jr. Colleges. We are proud of our long history and academic tradition. At the same time, we are unique in the way we have kept abreast with the new trends in education and have responded to the changing needs of the children.

  • Student Life

    ” When studying we always think it is a burden but don’t think about the benefits of studying. this poem is all about students life and their joys. I contribute this poem to all those kids who undergo pressure from their parents to get good marks”…

  • Our Sports/Athletics

    The School has always excelled at the Inter School Athletic Meet placing itself within the first five. Infrastructure is available to practice Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Hard Court Tennis, Throwball, Kho-Kho, Shuttle Badminton and Table Tennis. Skating, Cross Country, Field Events and Track Events are practiced by students which helps them in keeping physically fit.

  • Location

    The New Education Society have schools in four regions. Below you will see location of each school region wise in google map shown below. Kolhapur [mapsmarker layer="1"]   Jaysingpur [mapsmarker layer="2"]   Islampur [mapsmarker layer="3"]   Nandani [mapsmarker layer="4"]

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